How to Make Strong Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

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Affordable Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

It is really wasteful when we have many unused woods left rotting in the backyard or warehouse. Actually, you can make a reclaimed wood coffee tablewhen you want to make it by yourself. Many people always think that reclaimed wood is not worth to be worked on because it is a week wood and should be left in the rotting in the places that I have been mentioned before. Maybe, it is true that the wood is weak but we can do something about it to restore the strength for getting strong reclaim wood coffee table. Now, I will mention some ways that you can do when you want to have the strong coffee table.

 Strengthening the Old Wood for Reclaimed

There are some ways that you can do when you want to have a strong reclaimed wood coffee table. The first step that you can do when you want to have the strong wood is covering the wood. You can cover the wood with other piece of wood which is slimmer than the main wood that you use for the coffee table. Covering the reclaimed wood with other wood is more troublesome to be done as you will need nails or wood glue for fastening the enveloping wood that you will use for covering the wood itself. The result of covering the wood is great because you will get the best reclaimed wood coffee table with grain which can be controlled by the wood that you use for cover. Read also How to Refinish Your Old Lift Top Coffee Table

Contemporary Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Then, the next way for getting reclaimed wood coffee table is giving finish. Finish is truly great and cheap way to do the strengthening. You can give many layers of finish with the layer coating method to get the best strength for your reclaimed wooden coffee table. The finish also add more interesting look as it will give clear cover that makes the look of the wood more stand out.

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